Artist's Statement

I am a painter living in Brooklyn. I left a college art teaching position in the South for Chicago, left a college position there to be in New York among artists, galleries, museums. That was in 1982: originally I received a Master Fine Arts from UGA. 

My art is my response to the Mexican architecture in the Pre-Columbian town of Guanajuato, Mexico. But even more, it is specifically the Mexican Baroque I architecture of the Basilica of Guanajuato built in the 1600's which is the basis of my paintings. I sit there for hours sketching the endless shape and light combinations in the interior and exterior of this other wordily cathedral. Returning to Brooklyn, I use these sketches as starting points to develop my abstract paintings.

The Basilica not being architecture from recent centuries creates a response of heightened sensation and awareness, one that blends visually and viscerally into my paintings. My senses are renewed seeing and being inside this church; it's transformative. It's a visual and sensuous orchestration of color, light and shadow with origins from another century. This I bring into my paintings.

This constant play throughout the day of light, shadows and colors becomes the source of imagery in my paintings. Not of religion, but those moments that extend beyond the visual and memory responses; and not a record of the seen, instead a reflection of transported experiences. 

This is what I want my paintings to reflect, not a record of but rather the  experience of...