Selected Group Exhibitiions (2017 - 2021)
Bird House Gallery, 2024
IceBo4Gallery, 2023
'On the Road'. ETC Gallery, 2021
'Drawing Challenge', on line exhibition, Jason McCoy Gallery 2021
'Painters and Painting', on line exhibition, GalleryGaryGiordano, Artsy, 2021
'Unprecedented', on line exhibition, GalleryGary Giordano, Atsy, 2021
'Art On Paper', Faltfiles, 2021
US Postal Art. 2020
Holland Tunnel, 2020
Online Presentation, GalleryGaryGiordano, May & November, 2020
'Art on the Wall', 2019, 2020
Hudson Gallery, 2017, 2020
MDavid Gallery, 2019
MDavid Studio, 2018
Baruch Gallery, 2017, 2018
'Nation', SideShowGallery, 2010 - 2018
Andrew Philips Gallery, 2017
GalleryGaryGiordano, 2017

Selected Screenings of Films Produced by Bill Page
LARRY POONS...don't you know that...
     Amsterdan World Canvas Festival, AWARD, 2024  

JUDY PFAFF...a short sequence...
     Jim Thorpe Independent Film Festival, 2023
      Denver Movie Awards, 2023
     Toronto Film & Scripts Award, Best Short Documentary, 2023

PAT PASSLOF…extended conversation...
    Venice Shorts Film Festival, BRONZE AWARD, 2021
    Spotlight on Documentaty Festival,  BRONZE AWARD, 2021
        and selected as one of the top independent films of the year.
    Yonkers International Film Festival, 2020
    Paris Liftoff Film Festival, 2020
    Greenpoint International Film Festival, 2018 

RODNEY the studio...
    Atlanta Movie Awards, 2023
    San Diego International Film Awards, 2022
    New York Short International Film Festival as Cinematic Village Theatre, NYC, 2022
    Boston Independent Film Awards, 2022

RODNEY DICKSON...along the edge...
    Toronto Shorts Film Festival, OFFICIAL SELECTION AWARD, 2021
    ONKAF Foundation International (India) 2020-2021
    NUNU Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan, 2019
    Vietnam Doc Center, 2019
    Undercurrents Gallery, 2019
    Greenpoint International Film Festival, 2019
    Irish Consult Cultural, 2019
    RD Studio, 2018

R\ODNEY DICKSON...beyond the boundaries
     LASun Film Festival, 2021
     Toronto Film & Scripts Awards, 2021

    Online Screening, 2020

FRANK's Spring Again...
   Roma Shorts, 2022

Montgomery Museumi of Art,  AL
Illionis State Museum, IL
Society of the Arts Museum, FL