Bill Page Paintings - Statement

Having spent summers in New York City between semesters of college art teaching at several universities in other states, I left my last position to move to New York, full-time; no visits anymore, this is it; that was 1982.

New York was quick in finding the best of and the worst of me, and still is. Although for many years it seemed a daily challenge to keep myself and art going, it probalby isn't any easier today; just got use to it I guess. It constantly propels you. 

But everyday is different, something new every day, always art shows, museums and the people; the people make New York a carousel of ideas and changes; you can always begin over here, that's easy. It's a vast  community of people and artists all of whom have, at the least, some general understanding of what you are doing. You're never at a loss.

New York pushes you in the studio to go further; it's an endless mix of ideas to extrapolate from; to invent your own ideas; it's an endless array of experiences coming at you in a steady stream, never finding yourself stranded or depleted, just deciding where to go... it's where you wouldn't have such choices some other place. 

So, place is important in finding who you are and what you want to imagine in the studio.

Since 2016 the source of my imagery is found in the ancient Mexican town GUANAJUATO and MEXICO CITY. The ancient, unchanged architecture, light and shadows throughout the day, changing tones and shapes, Bascilia and Catherdral interiors, mining a culture that enriches the visual vocabulary and senses.

What you see in my work is what I'm interested in...